When is a fur coat not a fur coat?

“The purpose of luxury…is to contribute to social peace and universal happiness. This is why the future of luxury will need to incorporate sustainable concerns all along the production process” Kapferer & Bastien, 2009.

We have created outerwear that has all the qualities of a luxurious fur coat – warm, weather resistant, heavy, soft and natural. BUT the fur is gently combed from the animal once a year. This fur is then woven into a truly exquisite material and tailored in London.

Better than Cashmere

Yak down rivals Cashmere for fineness and smoothness but has superior strength, warmth and breathability. The Yak itself also has a lower impact on its environment than Cashmere goats. The Yak are naturally organic because of their diet and nomadic lifestyle and graze gently on the grass rather than pulling it up by its roots.

Low Carbon Emission

Our garments are engineered around sustainability, through responsible sourcing and thoughtful selection of sustainable raw materials. Yaks are naturally low carbon emission animals and the mill that processes the fibres uses green energy, creating lower emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.

Luxury Fashion which doesn’t cost the Earth

We pay a fair price for responsibly and sustainably sourced materials, respecting the animals, the people who look after them and the craftspeople involved in turning this remarkable raw material into a luxury garment that you will enjoy for years to come. Using rare, sustainable and exquisite materials comes with a luxury price tag but crucially it doesn’t cost the Earth – polluting the atmosphere and destroying lives. For us, luxury and sustainability go hand in hand.

Why synthetic fur isn’t the answer

We believe that substituting real fur with synthetic fur isn’t an ethical, sustainable or elegant solution. It is much less breathable than a natural product and so is less comfortable for the wearer. Being made of plastic, they are not good for the environment either. And sometimes, real fur is masquerading as faux fur – which is bad for the consumer AND the animals!

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