The best things in life are worth waiting for

“It’s the malady of our industry. Always go quicker and quicker and that everything should be instant. You can’t produce quality without time” Christophe Lemaire, Hermes

Pioneer Cross are aiming to re-orientate the fashion industry, ironically by taking it back to old-fashioned values – time, quality, rarity and sustainability. Our lead time for creating your order is longer than most fashion houses – but true luxury takes time. Our anti-stock ethos and sustainable production methods mean that we will ask you to patiently wait while we create your order.

Fast Fashion V Slow Fashion

Nowadays, you see something, you want it, you put in your card details and you get next-day delivery. You wear the item, it goes out of fashion and it then sits at the back of the wardrobe. Or goes to landfill.

However, if the material is rare and sustainable, and the craftspeople spend time creating a quality, luxury item then you must wait. The very welcome 'Slow Fashion' trend is as much about the time spent searching, waiting, longing for that perfect item that will be appreciated year after year, as it is about owning it .

Slow fashion principles are reminiscent of days gone by when you would order a tailored suit, dress or coat and then wait for the masterpiece to be created – a tradition still carried on by top tailors such of those in Saville Row, London, and those we are proud to call part of our team.

Patience is a virtue

Just like the much-loved Guinness ‘Surfer’ advert, the things in life truly worth having are those that take time and effort and are worth waiting for.

Ethically sourcing rare and exquisite materials, respecting the natural rhythms of life and supporting people to use their traditional crafts take time. Time that you will feel in the quality of the end product when you receive your order.

"Here's to waiting" AMV/Guinness, 1998.

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